Saturday, 30 January 2010

Swiffer knit cover

I like my swiffer mop but always been concerned that bits of dirt caught underneath could scratch my wood floors. Had heard of using Arctic fleece cut in the sheet shape made a good alternative . Extra cushioning protected the floor from being scratched. My Mom got a knitting pattern from her friend for a swiffer cover.Had to try it.In little under 1 hour the cover was done.
It has lots of cushioning so that bits caught will not grind along the floor as one sweeps.
I must admit I smiled as I was knitting this thinking " Is this over the top". But I do like the idea of protecting my floors and reusing rather than wasteful one use cloths.
If anyone wants this pattern I will happily email it to you.


Crafty Gardener said...

Snap, I've been making a crochet cover for my Swifer and was going to be posting it in a week or so. Great minds think alike.

Rosanne said...

Very neat!

Jannett said...

what a great idea.... :)