Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Weather this summer!

This part of Canada is having coolish summer days...
Today is 22C... Ordinarily summer time temperatures average 27C by now we usually have had many days of over 30C, so far only 2.
July can be very dry , the grass brown and mowing the lawn down to every 3 weeks , this year getting rainfall at least 1 day a week sometimes 2.... it is certainly good for the new sod in the back yard.
Nights cool off to 12 to 15C .
It has been so pleasant we haven't had the A/C on.
This kind of summer weather can certainly stay as far as I am concerned tho the tomato plants would like more heat! Beach bums would like it hotter as well.
Here is a little look at the flowers in the garden at this moment.
Ruby Stella

Fragrant Treasure

Dragon wing begonia

Red Cardinal vine

Corner back garden with green and red cannas

What is the weather like in your part of the world?
What is putting on a show in your garden?


Crafty Gardener said...

I'm loving these temperatures and I'm not missing the humidity at all.

Rosanne said...

The garden is looking good!

Anonymous said...

The portulaca is wonderful. I wish I were having your lovely weather. Please send some to me. hehe

willow said...

your flowers are looking lovely!

After having killed the chrysanthemum's that Aaron won at a church reunion I went out and bought myself an English lavender and some peppermint...here's hoping I don't kill these too!

Kim and Victoria said...

Your garden is looking great, Rosemary.
Our crocosmias are blooming now and are a hummingbird magnet.
We've had the heat here and things need extra water now, that's for sure.