Friday, 24 July 2009

Old fashioned Box Lunch

Thursday was a fun day with the Red Hats , we were at a lovely cottage on Booths Harbour overlooking the lake unfortunately it was pouring rain and so we had to hold our luncheon indoors instead of dining on the deck....Did I get pictures of the deck and rain, no but I did get a few of the creative packages the lunches came in....
the box lunches were to be decorated with a seasonal theme,
Red Hat theme;
Red bag with purple silk rose, very swanky

Bag lunch in red and purple;

or the funniest;Here is some Hattitude,

My creation harking back to teenage years with tissue flowers..

..... did I win a prize? Yes ,purple socks!
The grand prize winner was a Tom Sawyer theme hobo lunch, tea towel cloth wrapped around a branch filled with lunch treats.......Picture? No!
Next time less chatting more picture taking.


Rosanne said...

Oh but you can't miss out on the chatting! Love the boxes all so creative and yours is gorgeous!Too bad it rained........I don't think its ever going to stop raining!lol

Rosemary said...

Rosanne I don't think rain will stop either........... was a fun day.