Monday, 8 June 2009

Hate Meme/LoveMeme

This Meme came from Sunday Stealingvia Hootin Anni's blog.
The idea of just things one hates , seemed too negative ( yes I wimped out)so I have decided to make it a Love/Hate Meme.

1. Most hated food:squash, beets, liver -Most loved food: chocolate, chicken, any fruit

2. Most hated person:liars-Most loved person: Rosanne,Sherry,Nicci(Children) , Brianne,Brock, Brittany, Brayden(Grandchildren) and my Dad

3. Most hated job:worked at a corn processing plant and a ball bearing factory , not my favourite places-Most loved job:Ward clerk in ICU

4. Most hated city:Toronto - Most loved city:Toronto

5. Most hated band:anything rap-Most loved band: Queen

6. Most hated (non-blog) website:pseudo websites that list other sites but really try to sell useless items-Most loved Website:Pogo, gardening, food

7. Most hated TV program: I'm a Celebrity get me out of here/ The Bachelor/Bachelorette- Most loved TV program: Amazing Race

8. Most hated politician:Most of them, see question 2-Most loved politician: Winston Churchill

9. Most hated artist:Dali-Most loved artist:Monet

10. Most hated book:anything by Margaret Atwood( I have SO tried reading her books, over my head!)-Most loved book:any Mystery, be it Brown , Lisa Jackson, John Sandford ,love figuring out whodunit.

11. Most hated shop or store:an store at Christmas time-Most loved store:Hudson's Bay

12. Most hated organization:faux charities that spend more on bureaucracy then the cause touted-Most loved organization:Garden Club

13. Most hated historical event:any war-Most loved historical event: D-Day the invasion of Normandy from Britain

14. Most hated sport:boxing(grown men beating their brains out, Ugh!) - Most loved sport;Hockey, I am Canadian! A Sport I enjoy participating in :swimming

15. Most hated technology:telephone(call centers/bad news have spoiled what was once loved)
- Most loved technology:computers/TV

16. Most hated annual event:Doctor's check-up/Birthdays as they get more and more numerous
-Most loved annual event:Christmas

17. Most hated daily task:doing dishes -Most loved daily task: walking Buddy the dog

18. Most hated comedian: comedians who think they are funny because every second word is F.u.c.k.(so unfunny)- Most loved comedian: George Carlin

19. Most hated blog:if I hate a blog I just don't go back, usually ones that show prejudice/racism -Most loved blog:Rosanne's

20. Most hated song:Lucille( makes my teeth hurt)-Most loved song:To pick out just one impossible, Amazing Grace(not Sherry's favourite, makes her cry), Danny Boy( love the plaintive sound) My Way written by Paul Anka sung by Frank Sinatra,Hallelujah by KD Lang written by Leonard Cohen,Wonderland by night by Bert Kaempfert
Want to share your love/ hates?


Rosanne said...

This is a good meme, I'm with you, I don't like Bachelorette/I'm a Celebrity, get me outta here!

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice meme. I can relate to the liars, politicians, and war, for sure.