Thursday, 16 April 2009

Signs of Spring

In this part of southwestern Ontario spring has been slow to appear. Temperatures have been running several degrees below normal. Ordinarily at this time of the year we should have daytime temps of 13C. and lows of 2C. So far this month the daytime temp is struggling to get to 8C and at night falling well below freezing.
The good news is for the next few days we will be having above normal temps with highs of 20C. and lows of 4C.
Lots of warm sunshine.
To say I am looking forward to the warmth of the next few days is a huge understatement...
This area is lacking adequate rain/ snow in March and April, it has been very dry. Over the winter we had an abundance of snow , guess Mother Nature is balancing things.
In my minuscule garden I have starting; sprouts of Rhubarb, poor thing is still waiting for its final spot..
Rhubarb, still in a huge pot.
My back yard is still mud , no topsoil or sod . Builder is saying May, praying that is true , my green thumb is itching.
Right now I have a strip by the back of the house holding a
Chrysanthemum ,it made it through the winter!
My gifted surprise day lily is showing signs of life.
Wonder what it will be like when it flowers?
Spring colour is showing in the front garden , the coral bells,
the lime green mound spirea has to be trimmed of dead branches
Japanese maple made it safely through with out any damage under its burlap cover

Already the crocuses have gone and now the promise of tulips and alliums to come.
Love spring!


Rosanne said...

I agree, bring on spring!

Rosemary said...

Rosemary said;
Rosanne ,it seems like a very long winter....... Your garden will be popping with growth!

Lythrum said...

Yay for spring! I am so happy now with the warmer weather, longer days and flowers blooming. The winter blahs have lifted!

Sue said...

I remember being at your stage. It is such a tease! I'm glad your weather is warming up. I am having so much fun seeing new growth each day. We still are having cold nights, but warmer days.

Shady Gardener said...

Yea, Rosemary! Spring is threatening to visit your area and perhaps even Stay Awhile! ;-)

Looks great! I moved my rhubarb last Spring, and it seems to be much happier in its new location!