Wednesday, 15 April 2009


My Mom has just taught me this new to me technique called Crochetnit.
She has been sharing this Crochetnit method with the ladies in her craft group, everyone is loving it.
I am starting a reversible lacy Afghan in soft green and cream.
Crochetnit is similar to Tunisian which uses a long hook (looks kinda like a knitting needle, but has the hook on the end) the crochenit hook is double ended (also called cro-hook or crochet on the double). You open the stitches on one "pass", then you close them up on the second "pass".
In the 70s, Mary Middleton introduced "crochenit" which is double-ended
Tunisian using only a size M hook.In the 90s, crochet with the double-ended hook became widely known as
Crochet on the Double when many new patterns were introduced in this technique.
Lacy green side;

Cream side;

Long wooden needles, I have 2 custom needles, Mom had made by a gentleman using dowelling and a dremel.
to make the hooks on each end.

Close up

This is a very easy and quick project , simple stitches......... one should say; easy, once shown......
There is a great site Crochenit with video instructions,lots of information and free patterns.
One can find the needles at Hobby Lobby by Susan Bates.


Anonymous said...

This is really cool! I am going to have to give it a try. Thanks Rosemary!

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the initial tutorial for the basic stitch, and the tutorial for making a piece as long as you like. This is a very cool way to make something as long as you like, and the combo of different colors is so very easy. Tomorrow I think I will go seek out a needle and see how it goes for me.

Rosemary said...

Rosemary said;
Cher knowing what a great crocheter you are I think you will catch on very easily.

Rosanne said...

This will be really pretty when its done.....I may have to give it a try!

Rosemary said...

Rosemary said:
Rosanne it is very easy. You can do it.

Kim and Victoria said...

Ooooh nice! That afghan is going to be lovely!

kml said...

Wow - this is beautiful! Is is kind of "puffy" as it seems to be creating a double thickness with the two colors.

I love to crochet and knit and this seems like a great way to blend them. Will have to look it up.

Lewismom said...

I have been doing Crochenit for years. There are many different stitches but I love the knit stitch. I have created many baby/children's sweaters and hats using the knit stitch. It's fast and easy. Mary Middleton's instructions are easy to follow with diagrams etc. I learned the basic stitch in California, in the 70's,and soon after moved to Missouri. I continued using the books and booklets that Mary sold and learned most of the stitches from her patterns. Fast, easy and fun.

Anonymous said...


I am a friend of Rose's. She taught me as well. I broke my hook this winter. I did find some on circular needles which I have not tried yet but looking forward to starting a full size afghan this summer on them. Have you been on! If not it is a great site. I have started a group called doublehooks. Come and check it out.

Pam L.