Friday, 6 March 2009

Water Cooler Rant

I could not restrain myself any longer ,I tried to let it go, tried to talk myself out of this post , tried to get a grip, cause in the big picture this is not world shaking importance ,but no, could not hold back any longer...........

So blog world I am going subject you to my rant on current topics that send my blood pressure up.

Can you believe the furor over The Bachelor?
I did not even watch the show, but the furor over the Bachelor dumping one woman for another is hard to miss.
This show is called a reality show but lets face it there is no reality to it.
The show is produced and manipulated . Finding a life partner on a TV Show in 6 weeks, don't think so.

American Idol which sucks me in every season , had their wild card show last night. One of the hopefuls picked for a last chance; Tatiana, a young woman who at the very least is a drama queen tho I wonder at the lengths she would go for fame, was included in this last chance hopeful show. Thankfully she did not make it. I am concerned about the encouragement of clearly delusional singers in thinking they have a chance . American Idol playing for ratings yet again.

The woman who had 8 babies after already having 6 children. I agree with most that the woman has mental problems but the Doctor that implanted that many eggs into her should be investigated and his licence rescinded.
Perhaps he should help the mother financially raise these children , he assisted bringing into the world. Sad situation for the children!

Last rant , why are the CEO's that ran GM , Chrysler, the banks and other huge companies still in charge of these companies? These companies are not in trouble because of the workers and pensioners but because of the millions spent on these greedy executives who have led these companies into the hole they are in.
Chrysler was bailed out before, how many times should that happen?

Wake up , people!

Rant is now over , I feel much better.

Anything you want to share? You will feel better!


Anonymous said...

Well aren't you on a rampage today!!! LOL But I have to agree!
It's all about greed(CEO's) and false drama( TV shows)
Have a good day, do some more baking to get over the rant!! LOL


Kim and Victoria said...

I couldn't agree more!
What show on TV isn't there for ratings, though?
Ranting is good for the soul, I'm sure of it.

Sherry said...

You should call this section 'Rosemary's Rant'

Re: 'AI' maybe they bring back some of those other performers, so there is more available to keep on longer, I don't know!

I gave up on the bachelor a few series ago - just couldn't get into it.

GM - How about cutting employee wages across the board - think they'd go for it?

Rosanne said...

Love your rant!!

And I'm so glad that Tatiana didn't get through!

Brayden said...

I like your rant Grandma!

Shady Gardener said...

I agree completely. Thanks.