Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Kreativ Blogger Awards

I have been given 2 more awards .
Both are Kreativ blogger awards.

Teresa and Rosanne both gifted me with this award
Thank you both.
I have to pass these awards on to 7 more bloggers after I share with you something about myself;

7 items about myself;


Staying up later , not going to bed at 10

Swim several times a week,

Love to travel, want to do more,

Love to bake,knit, blog,

Socializing more,

Worrying less.

7 bloggers I share this award with;
Lynette at Netts Nook, great recipes
Dan At Urban Veggie Garden, veggie gardener extraordinaire
WiseAcre Gardens,great photos,
Water when dry,Arizona and gardening there,
Robins Nesting Place, birds, butterflies and gardening,
The Pickled Pepper Patch,tips, craft projects, country accents, recipes
and Jean at Ms. Greenthumbjean treasures, grandchildren, home decor and gardening.


Anonymous said...

So cool! Keep up the great work!

Dan said...

Thanks for the award Rosemary :-)