Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Orange Cornmeal Crisps

Whew! made it thru Blue Monday , but shush, don't tell I had to resort to cookies.
Let me tell you it wasn't easy finding a recipe that is relatively low cal.
Most cookies are 70 to 100 calories per cookie.
These are 20! Yes ,folks only 20 per cookie.
That means I can have 2 or 3 instead of just one.
This recipe is from Land O Lakes.Click here for recipe.

Yummy orange peel
Well mixed
Rolled into 4 packages ready to be chilled
Ready to bake

Yum, ready to eat
Baked only 1 roll, froze the other 3 rolls.Instead of nutmeg used my favourite spice , mace.Next time only bake the cookies for 5 minutes not recommended 6 minutes, just a bit to brown on bottom tho that could be my oven.
I found that one roll makes 3 dozen thin , orangy ,crispy, crunchy cookies so the calorie count is higher than posted..
Love the orange flavour,
will make this cookie again.


Rosanne said...

They do cound good! I'll put that on my ever expanding recipes to try list!

Tine said...

This is quite a nice recipe!
I`ll try these days!


irfan said...