Monday, 19 January 2009

Blue Monday!

The experts say you are not alone, for Monday, January 19, 2009 is going to be the most depressing day in history, according to "experts".
Cold weather, fading Christmas memories and broken New Year resolutions mean this period is usually miserable, and the effects of the economic downturn makes this year worse than ever.
Many will feel so glum they will decide to stay in bed and up to a quarter of workers are expected to call in sick.
To beat this dire predication I have armed myself with these comforts to endure the next 24 hours.
The fireplace is lit.
Love seat, warm throw and a good book.
Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows, yummy!
Jigsaw puzzle ready to challenge.

If all that fails I look out the window , this pile of snow on the BBQ for some reason makes me smile.3 feet of snow

How are you beating winter blues?


Anonymous said...

You could put a carrot and some eyes in that pile of snow on top of your grill and make a snowman! :-)
My day is going to be spent cleaning. The cat is leaving fur everywhere.
Rosemary, I love the couch. I want one exactly like it, but have to give away the hubby and cat first if I want white. LOL

Lythrum said...

I guess that I need some extra cheer today because I am sick to boot. :) Hubby and I are both having sinus/allergy problems. Can't wait til my little one goes down for a nap because I am too. Hope your cheerfulness works!

Rosanne said...

Oh, so that's why the parking lot at work is so empty today!

Love your ideas for beating the blues! And top it off by watching 24 tonight!

And I see my girls in the picture of your loveseat too!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Hi - just found your blog!

I just read this morning that it is blue Monday - I had no idea! So I just carried on being happy ...

I love the great heap of snow on your barbeque!


Oh Rosemary those biscuits look gorgeous hunny and would wash down perfectly with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate, i am coming over to your house!!! oh you are so lucky to have all that snow!! i wish we had a blanket of snow here, but no such luck, just white frost for us!! hugs Linda x