Sunday, 23 November 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Not much green around this area.
Southwestern Ontario has been hit with early snows. Many areas getting 3 feet of snow from streamers off Lake Huron.
North of London looking out to pond from my friend Sue's living room.

Sister Donna's view from dining room onto her deck in the Ingersoll area

Daughter Sherry in Collingwood at a hockey tournament view from chalet looking towards Georgian Bay.Skiing is starting 2 weeks early at most resorts.

Out my window towards back yard.
At this point Port Rowan area has the least amount of snow less than 1 inch.
Considering winter doesn't officially start for another month looks like a long winter.
Time to think about going somewhere warm this winter.............


Mary said...


We have about the same amount of snow as you do, but I heard on the news that areas further north got hit. My uncle lives in the Shelburne area and they got quite a bit.

The photos are lovely. However, I wish Old Man Winter had waited a bit to begin his vigil. I would have preferred Autumn Breeze to have stayed with us longer.

Thank you so much for your kind words on Aunt May. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Rosanne said...

Look at all that snow!

Lythrum said...

..... Makes me glad that I live down South. :) I do remember snow like that when we lived in Minnesota, but it is a fond distant memory. I won't feel so bad about our mid 40's weather today :)

kml said...

Ours hasn't arrived yet - and I'm not looking forward to it either!

Sherry said...

Was a beautiful drive home from Collingwood, in the sunshine! It was interesting to see the areas that had more or less snow than others.

Shady Gardener said...

Have you been to Nancy Bond's place to register your winter snowfall? She has a tab at the top for the "first snowfall" posts. :-) It really is beautiful, although I hope it waits until after Thanksgiving to snow here!!