Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Norfolk County Fair

On a beautiful sunny ,warm Thanksgiving Monday with the temperature at 25C. off I went to the local fair. My daughter Rosanne granddaughters Brianne and Brittany and Brianne's friend Jesse met me there. This fair is a true country fair with displays by Junior Farmers , 4H, schools, small towns, flowers, baking, farm produce, the biggest pumpkin, home crafts, a great midway and of course the usual fair food.
We watched a demonstration of cooking by Two Fairly Fat Guys and Corbin
Tomaszeski a renown chef from Toronto, all week the fair had cooking shows by very well known chefs from Food TV. We got to see a wonderful Black cod and shrimp salad with miso prepped , so want to try this recipe. The fair was handing out a small cook book with the recipes shown at the fair I will be trying and blogging about these recipes soon.
We watched a West Coast Lumberjack show , lots of fun.
There was a demonstration of hand embossed cards, I could so get into that craft!
Loved the home crafts building, beautiful quilts, knitted and crocheted items, baking, canning, floral crafts.........so much to see.
The superb vegetables and fruits displayed. In between visiting all the buildings we tried the fair food from Elephant Ears, maple fudge,corn dogs, soft ice cream to chicken faitas. We passed up on all the candy floss, taffy, candy apples and carmel corn , but oh it was tempting.
We stopped by the sign -in area for the Demolition Derby and chatted for a moment with Sherry, Brock and Brayden.
In the evening was the Demolition Derby at the grandstand run by ThrillShow Productions , my daughter Sherry's company.Check out this link for more info on the Derby's.
This was the season finale with the Williams Cup presented to the winning driver.
The Demolition Derby , 5 hours long, was so much fun I couldn't believe how entertaining it was. Obviously lots of people find it great as the grandstand and surrounding area were packed with spectators.
I think I am now hooked on the Demolition Derby's.
Was a fun way to end the day at fair.
Hope you enjoy my slide show from the fair.


Rosanne said...

Wonderful pics Mom!

And a great description of our day too!

Shady Gardener said...

Going to the fair is such a fun thing to do with your family! I enjoyed a trip with my daughter-in-law and their three little ones in August. It's certainly a day for food-splurging! ;-)