Monday, 15 September 2008


The foyer floor has been repaired.
I am happy with the results.
I have now moved my mirrored chest back into the hall; still need a chair/ bench of some type beside the chest .
The mirror, tho over sized won over the picture because of the darkness of the floor tile made the mirror choice necessary to bring light into this area. Not 100% happy with it yet. Balance is off to me. Different mirror?
My Mom gave me as a retirement/ house warming gift 3 mirrored candle sticks which look so good on the chest.
Still this area is a work in progress. Needs something ! What?


Rosanne said...

The floor looks great!

I know what you're saying about the mirror and chest, maybe a mirror with a more streamlined frame would be better?

Hendria said...

A round mirror may do the a dark finish maybe... to break up the lines....
the floor is very nice... :)