Friday, 6 June 2008

Spring flowers etc.

The fallen trees ,broken branches and ripped from the ground shrubs have been cleaned up from the storm last Saturday, hopefully there will be no more severe storms wreaking havoc in the garden before the end of the month.
The perennial beds are quite pretty this spring , we have had cool days and lots of rain, so the garden is lush and green. Tho today is turning into a scorcher with high humidity and 32 degrees, it is predicted to be hot all weekend.
Feel sorry for the June brides who have outdoor weddings planned.
2 areas that I consider the" Pride of the garden " are the 2 tree peonies nestled by the walkway to the screened in porch , one a lovely rose shade , the other a pale pink and the Allium lined pathway leading to a bench on the ridge of the lawn .It is one of the prettiest areas in the garden , in spring before the hostas come up and the shade from the lirolinden tree becomes too heavy, the alliums welcome you as you stroll through the garden, bordered by the redbud , magnolia trees and hydrangea, burning bush and spreading juniper shrubs. This a a cool shaded glade like path in the heat of the summer.
This is one area of the garden I will try to replicate at the new house.
Also making an appearance right now are,
purple penstemons and columbines are scattered throughout the flower beds.
The columbines have self seeded and reverted back to some singles, some are double Nora Barlow variety, but they are all still lovely.
To try to keep my thumb green I have planted up 3 pots from recipes from the web site I think I picked the combos based on the names, Daydream Believer( remember The Monkees?) Strut your stuff( something I think we all should do more of) and Penny for your thoughts( a way to show we are caring of others)


Rosanne said...

The peonies and alliums do look really nice! The pots look great too!

Hendria said...

lovely, lovely, plantings.