Sunday, 1 June 2008

Bad things come in 3's?

Being a little superstitious I wonder if bad things happen in threes, I hope not.
We are on number 2!

On Saturday afternoon a severe thunderstorm went through the area with very high winds. In the garden ,
one of my favourite trees was taken down. The John Downie crab apple .
There was many broken branches on the pink crab, tulip tree and maples. A cedar was ripped out of the ground and a lovely high bush cranberry was torn out of the ground as well.
This was the white crab 2 weeks ago
This the tree now.

It missed the Victorian style porch by 6 inches.

Tulip tree has 3 broken branches

Cedar, ripped from ground

High bush cranberry torn up.

Pink Crab tree with large broken branch.

Perennials blown sideways.
Very sad to lose the white crab tree at least most of the other trees are recoverable in time.
What was the first bad thing, you ask?
At the first of the week I was trimming the grass with the mulching setting on the mower , it picked up a stone and shattered one side of our patio doors.
Lived here over 20 years never had that happen, amazing when one thinks how many times have I cut the grass by those doors.
Needless to say major dollars to repair.
We are checking to see if our home insurance covers the tree damage but I doubt it , it did not cover the window since we have $1000 deductible.
This has been a strange week , only 27 days til we move, will we make it without another "bad thing"?


Rosanne said...

Wow! The trees being ripped out is something, the winds must have been really high and the window too! Ouch!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, what a mess and the timing is too strange! It was very nasty I was driving in it from London to home. It is a shame though about the trees, they were so beautiful


Kim and Victoria said...

Wow. For your sake, I hope bad things do not come in threes!

Sherry said...

Oh Mom, that must have been very saddening to see that crab apple tree down - the others, well, they may look a little lop-sided for a bit, & be very disheartening too, but that beautiful tree - the yard will look so different after it's removal...and, that really sucks about the patio door! So wierd! Two things is enough!