Sunday, 22 June 2008

Lirolinden tree is flowering

I have gotten to see this tree flower for only the second time. Still the wait has been worth it.
I planted this tree about 15 years ago and it is now about 35-40 feet high. The tree doesn't flower until mature, the tulip tree buds are susceptible to late spring frost as well.

The common name for this tree is the tulip tree.

The tulip-tree is one of two wild magnolia species found in Canada, and probably one of the most common `Carolinian Canada' symbols..
The tulip is TALL, second in North American only to the Giant Sequoia. Tulips often reach 150 feet with diameters up to 8 feet; they can live 300 years. (Compare the sequoia: 300', 30' diameter, and 3,000 years).

This tree possesses a tall, straight trunk, a large crown, a distinctive four-lobed leaf, and large green and orange cup-shaped flowers.
There is a mature stand of tulip-trees in Backus Woods near Long Point on Long Point and Region Conservation Authority lands about 1o minutes from the area we are moving to which is in the Carolinian forest region.


Rosanne said...

Nice pics! Interesting about the stand of trees at Backus too!

Hendria said...

That is a beautiful tree. In Woodstock where the ORC was they built new houses ... there was two of these tress and they destroyed them...which was just terrible.