Sunday, 25 May 2008

What is new this week?

In anticipation of moving we had potted up the rhubarb , looks like I will still get a taste this spring , it is adapting beautifully to living in a pot.

Here is the asparagus growing in the garden, so delicious for supper and it is just coming on.

Planted some peas, because it has been such a cold May , wonder if we will get to eat any of them before the end of June.

Drove down to see the new house , finally the brick is on and the painter is finishing up inside painting the fireplace area and the stairs.
Starting to get excited by the thought of moving to a new house, meeting lots of new people and exploring the area around the lake.

Did work as well this week , where does the time seem to go, never enough hours in the day to get all done that I think I should.


Rosanne said...

Like the garden pics and the house it looking good!

Kim and Victoria said...

You've got that right- there is NEVER enough time, is there?
New house is looking good!!!