Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Rural living

One of the great joys I have loved over the years I have lived in this neighbourhood has been the forest across the road.
The canopy of the trees over hangs and shades the area as ones strolls down the road.
The owner has let the woods remain in a natural state.Every spring the woods is alive with natures wonders.
I usually try to go for a walk on Mothers Day when the flowers are in full bloom but since I was working that weekend instead I managed to take an hour on this Victoria Day weekend( in Canada we celebrate our English heritage with a 3 days weekend in May to remember Queen Victoria's Birthday)
I wandered through the woods to enjoy the sight of masses of Trillums under the canopy of the maples, elms , summersweet trees. Every once in a while I spy little Jack-in- the -Pulpits peeping through the flowers . This woods has what I call Mayapples and ferns and tho I scoured the woods looking for a ladys slipper orchid nestling in the base of tree trunk, no luck this year.
The wild honey suckle flowering on the verge of the woods,combined with the scent of the summersweet trees laden the air with perfume.
The peace and beauty in this forest is glorious.


Kim and Victoria said...

Very pretty. I love the woods. There are a few trilliums to be seen in our wooded mountains.

Hendria said...

Spring is such a wonderful time of year.... Great photos... :)