Saturday, 1 December 2007

Ladies Lunch

Friday was ladies who lunch day, I met with 2 of my best friends. Shirley , my cousin and Donna my sister.
We dined a trendy restaurant in the north of London called Crave.
It is quietly elegant, no pounding music playing, no TV with sport du jour on.

Shirley and Donna had liver with bacon and onions.
Yuck! I hate liver, was made to eat when I was a kid by my Dad, the only way I could eat it was smother it with ketchup to this day I can't stand either. Yes I have tried it since and no still don't like it.
I enjoyed Chicken Quesadillas with tzatziki sauce.
Desserts were creme brulee and turtle cheesecake. All were delicious.
We sat and chatted for a couple of hours not rushed out by the wait staff.
It was a nice break at this hectic time of the year. Then off we went; Shirley to the Bay looking for a coat , Donna to check out Penningtons and I home to unload the last of my Christmas shopping .
Did I mention I am done?


Kim and Victoria said...

Finished Christmas shopping already? Nice work! Hey, why weren't you shopping in the states again? :-)

Rosanne said...

Now you're just bragging! Except I finished pretty much all of mine yesterday except for a couple of things!

Lunch sounds like it was nice. Funny you don't like liver, I remember you making us eat it at least once when we were kids.