Sunday, 2 December 2007

Blue Funk Sunday

What does one do on a wintery, cold,miserable Sunday in December in this part of the world?
Is the weather that bad you ask? In a word YES. Last night into this AM snow about 2 inches; not bad, then freezing rain , just a short bit , then the temperature rose above zero , rain , fog , grey .......... later tonight the temperature is to fall again and more freezing rain changing to snow and this time with strong winds.Yuck . Driving to work will be a pain tomorrow, and this isn't even winter yet.
Can you tell I love winter. I am a true Canadian, I love the seasons just not a big fan of winter.This is hibernation time for me, part bear I am sure.
So what to do, I could be addressing Christmas cards but no I snuck away
to my craft room, surveyed the many items I have collected over the years; 5 grapevine wreaths , one metal one , bundles of silk flowers, sheaves of greenery, berries,branches,ribbon,birds , butterflies etc. I can't see the weather outside
in my burrow craft room, put on some CD's , Diana Krall, Phil Collins, Michael Buble,Elton John as loudly as possible and started making wreaths.
I spent 6 hours puttering away with all the lovely bright colours.

I ended up making spring wreaths , fall wreaths , trendy white and purple wreaths, summer hydrangea wreaths. Did I make a Christmas wreath ? No,
see I am in denial about winter.
Question now is what will I do with all of these wreaths?
Does anyone even like silk flower wreaths anymore?
Some do look niceand my mood has certainly improved , blue funk seems to have gone , but that could also be the chocolate I ate , or perhaps the date triblies or perhaps the peach pie. Oh My!
Too many grey days and no sunshine. Still........
This Sunday was a day well wasted.


Rosanne said...

All the wreaths look great!

Kim and Victoria said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday. And your wreaths look great.

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