Sunday, 4 November 2007

Happy Birthday

My Mother is turning 80 this year on December 31st .
She is a New Years Eve baby.
Donna , my sister and I have been scheming for some months to surprise Mom with a gala celebration. Very hard to hide anything from Mom.
We pulled it off yesterday Nov. 3rd. Why so early ?
Mother is able to go to Florida every winter and is flying out on the 15th. She has a wonderful home in Venice, where she gets to soak up the sun all winter.
Donna made up an elaborate story to get her to the hall, Donna lies very well , going to watch her for that!
The turnout was great , so many people came , lots of family and friends.
The weather was excellent so we where able to have the doors open at the hall.
We were worried about having enough food and drink, but we did, silly us we always do.
Mom was surprised, the best treat of all for my sister and I.


Anonymous said...

It was a lovely party, and I do believe Mom enjoyed it.
Lil Sis

Kim and Victoria said...

What fun! Lucky you, to still have your Mom!

Sherry said...

Great job putting it all together Ladies!!
Love Sherry

Rosanne said...

It was great to see everyone again!