Saturday, 3 November 2007

End of Gardening Season

Most of the gardens have been put to bed for this season.
This fall has been amazingly warm and sunny. This area has had enough rain but after the dry summer we could have a bit more. It is only been this week that there was a killing frost. Very unusual . It has been the longest frost free days ever for southwestern Ontario.
I still have a few hardy flowers trying to shine. Purple cone flower , the flowering Kale and a David Austin rose called Mary Rose.
One more day of cutting plants back, some would say leave it until spring but I want to see the first green sprouts of bulbs pushing their way through the dirt. I don't like the slimy vegetation after the winter. Yucky!
I have tried to brighten the now very short days with some pots Decorated for fall with plumes, sedum heads, evergreen juniper branches,holly
and some hydrangea blooms.
2 pots sit at the front door as a welcome and one sits just off my dining room patio door to add some life to the scenery.
I changed the bird feeder from Niger to sunflower seed and hope to attract some blue jays and cardinals to brighten the long winter. The long winter days will give me time to plan next years gardens. Just hoping it isn't too long and too cold and snowy winter.


Kim and Victoria said...

I like your fall pots. They look great. We're still getting our garden put to bed. Since we have such a dry winter it's not really necessary to cut everything down now, but it really seems to help in the spring when there seems to be so much to do.

Rosanne said...

Love your planters.