Monday, 15 October 2007

Thanksgiving 2007!

Sunday I was privileged to host Thanksgiving for my family.
Had great fun decorating the home and table in a Autumn Halloween theme.
Could not have asked for better weather , blue sky, sunshine and temperature around 15C.
It was so nice the men congregated on the screened porch.The porch has certainly been well used this fall as this area has been enjoying exceptionally warm weather.
Meanwhile the grandkids were busy enjoying the appetizers in the living room along with the ladies.
One of the best parts besides the great company and family fun time we share , we all contribute to the meal.
My responsibility besides hosting, turkey and pies, pecan Steve's fav, pumpkin made from Bob's home grown pumpkins and Mother's fav sour cream dutch apple, my Mother brought, turkey , taco dip and cranberries, my sister Donna made an awesome apple cake, Rosanne made the mashed potato casserole we all love and a wicked Caesar salad and Sherry contributed another family favourite sweet potato casserole and a summer squash casserole.
It was all so good and as usual way too much food.
The son-in-laws , started years ago when we first had get togethers, to do the dishes after these big family meals . It is certainly a treat after all the prep to have others do the clean up.
Before everyone left we divided up the leftovers, after all who doesn't like cold turkey sandwiches the next day. Let alone all the desserts to share.
It was a wonderful day.


Kim and Victoria said...

That looks great. We're looking forward to our Thanksgiving day dinner.

Rosanne said...

It was a nice dinner, thanks for hosting Mom!