Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Fall TV

The new fall season of TV has started .
I am a sucker for checking out the new shows and trying to pick the ones that won't make it.
I usually lose my choices and the ones I like don't make it.

My new favourite TV show.
I Love Dexter.
Yep it is already in the second season but it is new to me.
If you haven't heard about the premise let me say it is not for the faint of heart.
A good serial killer!
My girlfriend passed on the first 9 episodes of the first season to me and I was reluctant to try it based on the stories I had heard.I was glad I tried it.
Good writing, great acting.
I am a sucker for dancing so yes I watch Dancing with the Stars . Still Wayne Newton leaves me cold, could he be voted off soon? Please!
Tried the new show Back to You with Kelsey Grammer , just seems like WKRP recycled.
Who remembers WKRP?
Other new shows I have tried and I like ;
Journeyman with Kevin McKidd ., love the interaction with his wife in the show, the complications in his current life as he time travels back and forth
Life ; a cop that was wrongly convicted, sent to prison, exonerated and reinstated with a quirky point of view after his experiences, another well written and acted show.

Caught Dirty Sexy Money with Donald Sutherland , reminds me of Dynasty , Good quality actors and sharp writing, still I wonder if it will last.
For me the first to be cancelled is Big Shots, like Michael Vartan and Dylan McDermott , nice eye candy, but the storyline is a male version of Desperate Housewives ( tried to watch DH but too much phony angst for me)but everyone I know loves Desp Housewives.
Still to preview , on this Friday, is Ladies Murder Club.
Caught Survivor China and the scenery is lovely but it is too formula
now and find the contestants not lovable or interesting.
Saw the first 2 shows of Kid Nation, some of the kids are endearing , Jimmie who was eight who opted to go home,missed home, still I wonder how much of this show is scripted.
Pushing Daisies
is very quirky but appealing , main character owns The Pie Hole he can with a touch bring people back to life , will it last? maybe not.
From last year watching Prison Break ,Heroes and
Grey's Anatomy .Tho I know how farfetched G'sA is ( I work in a Hospital) I love it.There really isn't that much sex is happening in the storage rooms.
All CSI's, Bones,Criminal Minds ,House,
I read mysteries, can you tell?
Wondering when is Lost coming back and Amazing Race?
Amazing Race is the one show that is an family show,it should be on in the early evening , but I hear the network is waiting until a show fails before putting it in , considering AR is an Emmy winning show, poor judgement on the network exec's part.

Well enough of the water cooler talk , will see if any of my predictions are accurate.


Rosanne said...

I agree Dexter is interesting and I like Journeyman too. Cane is another good show. And thank goodness Wayne is gone!

Kim and Victoria said...

Love your views on TV. Haven't heard of Dexter. Agree about Wayne. What's with the ponytail???
I've never watched Des HouseWvs. I really enjoy Boston Legal. At least it was good last year. This season; might be looking a bit too predictable. Time will tell. Missed 1st Ladies Murder Club. How was it? (our TV is on the fritz!)