Sunday, 26 August 2007

Reno Flooring

For the last month been living thru reno "Hell".
Redoing the flooring on the main floor of the house .
You would think it wouldn't be too disruptive.
It is, especially doing laundry room , kitchen, dining room, living room , hall, bathroom and 2 bedrooms.
A week and a half just to pack up and move furniture, take down drapes, wash walls, etc.
2 1/2 weeks for install, half a week for putting things back.
How come it did not take as long putting back , cause I am not putting half of the stuff back and I am sorting thru "stuff".
After almost 20 years ( I can't believe it has been that long) a very overdue update.Laminate in the main living area and carpet in the bedrooms and down the stairs.
Made a slide presentation of the old vinyl , dirty stained old carpet areas and the work in progress and the almost finished look.
I am so happy with the look.


Kim and Victoria said...

There's nothing like new flooring to make your house seem brand new!

Rosanne said...

The flooring and carpet look great!