Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Cheese Bread

Thanks to "A Year in Bread" I am getting back to a hobby I love.
Making bread has always been very satisfying to me,whether it is the knead for 10 minute kind or the quick bread kind.When I was home with my daughters when they were little I baked bread instead of buying it. One of the girls memories is of a yeast daisy shaped
ring topped with raspberry jam and an icing I always made for Christmas Morning.
For some reason got away from baking bread from scratch , maybe the automatic bread machine did it or life, work intervened.
This month A Year is doing quick breads and here is my attempt at the cheese bread.
Ready to start;

In the pan;


Sliced and tasted;

Lots of flavour,nice texture,very moist, I changed only one thing I put some Parmesan cheese in the bread mixture as well as on the bottom and top.

Thanks again " A Year in Bread" next I will be doing their beer bread.


Kim and Victoria said...

Looks great!

Rosanne said...

Looks yummy! I love cheese bread!