Thursday, 16 August 2007

Custard topped Peach Kuchen

Peaches needed to be used up and wanted to bake something new.
Did a search for something appealing , and
found a recipe that used berries but substituted peaches .
I used 3 cups of peaches in place of berries.

Results very flavourful, a touch
of lemon and nutmeg with the peaches made for lots of layers of taste.Sour cream made the cake moist added another flavour level.
The recipe suggested putting a layer of peaches in bottom then a layer of batter then top with peachess. The bottom layer of peaches seemed to absorb into the cake part darkening it a bit plus the cake did not come out of the pan easily ,I think I would put a layer of batter then fruit another layer of batter and top with more fruit. This recipe came from The Canadian Baker.
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Kim and Victoria said...

Rosemary, you are so getting me into baking!

Rosanne said...

Looks yummy!