Friday, 17 August 2007

Buddy Bath

Mid summer , Buddy the dog needs a bath.
Here she is laying in the sun , ruler of all she can see,unsuspecting about what is about to occur.
Looks like a happy contented dog.

There is her bathtub waiting with warm fresh water. Buddy's bane.

Buddy in the tub all shampooed and lathered up.Buddy will tolerate this procedure , but does she like it ? Oh No!

Happy looking isn't she?

It is finally over and she is released and ready to shake.

Buddy is so unhappy she won't look at me , usually she is a camera hog and poses very prettily , looking directly at the camera.


Rosanne said...

That is too funny Mom!Poor Buddy!

Kim and Victoria said...

I gave our dog, Chelsea, a bath this week. I wasn't as nice though, I used cold water from the hose.