Sunday, 12 August 2007

Brock, helping in the garden

Grandson Brock , he is 13, came for the weekend to help with limbing up overgrown trees in the garden.
He and Grandpa working for about 6 hours chain sawing limbs off crabtrees, maples , oaks and lirolinden trees. They also pulled out 2 shrubs that had died over the summer from the dryness. I must say in the pictures it looks very green . We did have an inch of rain this week and it is always amazing how fast plants rebound.
Brock was able to slug big branches off to the burn pile. Brock was a great help otherwise it would have taken a lot longer to get so much work done.

Brock and Grandpa have gone this AM to the Elgin Historical Show to see old tractors, steam engines and vintage cars and to have breakfast there.


Kim and Victoria said...

It does look very green in the photos. My in-laws in Tennessee said all is dying due to drought; no one can afford to water with city water.

Sherry said...

Wow, everything looks very mature, but still very park-like!
They cut allot down!
Looks like they did a great job!