Wednesday, 4 July 2007

July Garden

Here in southwestern Ontario we have been experiencing a dry spell , rain for the month of June really non existent . May rain was minimal.
There were 2 days when it tried to rain in June but the thunder showers missed this little bit of earth.
The only rain just wet the ground and not even under the trees.
So hand watering has been the daily routine.
Not the grass just the flower beds, the grass is brown.
In early spring one gets carried away with the joy of planting up many pots and flower beds , now the lack of rain, the constant watering makes it seem like a chore with out reward.
Poor shrubs are even drooping. Not good when shrubs need watering.
The temps have been into the high 30's with a drying wind , just this last week the temperatures returned to near normal around 24 to 25 and our nights , coolish at 9 to 12.
Finally we have had a bit of rain today .Not nearly enough but at least something.
So here are some of the pictures of the garden with raindrops on the petals of a lily , one of the very brown grass and one sad daylily flowering amidst some Asiatic lilies, tho that should be August. By August I don't think I will have a flower left.
The polyanthus rose called The Fairy is usually a mass of small pink flowers that surround my porch is a tough rose, poor thing is also hurting.
A picture of my bunnies "the cement kind "the only good kind in my opinion.
Still I do have happy clematis, no wilt , and no black spot on the roses.
Always a bright spot for a gardener.

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