Sunday, 1 July 2007

A Year in Bread

Rosanne found "A Year in Bread" blog, a blog devoted to making bread and the pleasures of homemade.

The 3 bakers are Susan , Beth and Kevin.

Rosanne made bacon buns from their recipes.

Loved what she did so checked out the site myself.

Found a recipe
June 7/07 for Susan's Savory Cheese and Scallions Scones.

These are my results. Loved the flavour , ease of prep and the tips. YUMMY!

I will be trying more of these recipes especially Kevin's butter Popovers and Kitchen Mage's Quick and Flaky Biscuits.

Check out their blog it is a great stop.


Rosanne said...

Ohhhh, those look yummy!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

Thanks for the blog tip, I bookmarked the site.