Sunday, 24 June 2007


Summer has officially arrived.
To celebrate our far too short season .
I took the weekend off from work , puttered in the garden on Friday , why do they call it puttering, hard work!
The highlight was entertaining my sister Donna and her husband Keith on Saturday.

They arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon and we immediately started to play Euchre. We played for quarters , yes darn near broke the bank.
The day was gorgeous with bright sunshine , warm temps but not too hot around 22, 23 C.a light breeze.
Of course we played cards on the porch, my second living room.
Around 6 we BBQ'ed, Steak, tenderloins, Greek salad, Caesar salad , new potatoes from Berry Hill farm market, slightly scorched , okay I got carried away with the cards.For dessert, strawberry pavlova and Donna brought fresh fruit with a margarita dip. The dip mix was from a gourmet store using yogourt as the base, so good.

We played until around 10 cause we couldn't possibly stay up too late at our advanced age.
Who won?
Well let me say for the first rounds till dinner the men smoked us.
After dinner we started to recoup our big losses. All and all we broke even I think.
It was a fun relaxing way to spend a summer afternoon and evening.
Today watering all the gardens , we have had minimal rain in this area and the flowers , vegetables, shrubs and trees are all suffering.

Then more porch sitting , reading and soaking up the sunlight.

Summer in Canada!

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Rosanne said...

Sounds like a fun Saturday!