Friday, 22 June 2007

Bird feeding

We feed the birds all winter and summer.

In the winter it is lovely to see the blue jays and cardinals against the white snow. We feed a general mix for the jays and cardinals and we use a suet feed for the woodpeckers.

In the summer we switch to Niger seed for the goldfinches , sparrows, wrens and my favourite rose-breasted grosbeak.

I managed to get a photo of the grosbeak thru my dining room window . They are very skittish and hard to photograph. The quality of the picture is not good as I was 10 feet away using my zoom. Still I had to show how pretty this bird is.


Rosanne said...

You've always had great luck attracting the nice birds! We've seen a hummingbird around our hanging pots a couple of times!

Kim and Victoria said...

That is a pretty bird! Probably our prettiest here are the goldfinches. I like the housefinches, too. No cardinals out here, darn it.