Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Fine Art of Porch Sitting

It is now June and summer fast approaching. The days are longer staying light until around 9:30 in the evening,light at 5:30 in the morning. The tempature is in the mid 20's to 30 C. in the day and so far the nights have cooled to 15. Lovely, just lovely.
The gardens are cleaned up from winter, planted with veggies and annuals and only weeding to keep up with. Yes,the pruning is needing to be done yet.
The windows have been cleaned and the house in relative order.
So what do I do now?

Porch Sit!

Some years ago my husband and I built on a screened-in porch.
Because in this part of the country the mosquitos and beer bugs( little black flying biting insects that are really attracted to corn but love beer or any kind of drink, they swarm and drive you indoors if you don't have a protected place to sit. Hate bugs!

So to enjoy the summer I porch sit.

From early morning with coffee and the paper til late evening watching the fireflys I sit on the porch( on my days off).
Sundays with a good book and the radio or Cds playing in the background, it is relaxation time on the chaise.
Pondering the perennials gardens and decide what to move to balance this colour or that leaf.
Watching the goldfinches, sparrows, wrens, rosebreasted grobecks pig out at the bird feeder, scrapping amongst themselves for the best seed.
BBQing and dining, breakfast, lunch and supper,enjoying the warm breezes and fresh air.
Entertaining family and friends all summer long , playing cards, board games and just chatting.
Times just quietly sitting enjoying the day , the peace and quiet, thinking on ones life , problems , happy times.
Remembering from the mists of my youth the porch I sat on in Glanworth , another large screened-in porch ,ith huge old maple trees shading the porch,
watching with my Dad as the neighbours strolling by , the cars whizzing by , the thunder and lightening shows nature put on, chatting or sitting comfortably sharing the pleasant day and evening.
I love my porch and my time spent on it past and present.


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, the memories!!


Kim and Victoria said...

What a fantastic looking porch. Sounds like you enjoy it to the max.

Rosanne said...

Great post Mom!