Monday, 21 March 2016

First full day of Spring

Today is the first full day of spring and bright and early this AM snow flakes were in the air.
Regardless of the cold wind  the sun was bright and strong. Decided to clean front porch ,  get chairs and table ready for the new season.  Scrubbed  chairs and made  a pansy planter   with hurricane shade.  The yellow pansies are   so cheery.

Made  similar   container last spring too..  now if the weather just warms up a wee bit. 
While in the  cleaning  mode    went to back deck cleaned it and the table and chairs there and added another pansy planter..  love my little cherub.
Okay Spring I am ready!


Patsi said...

Was frosty this morning but now the suns out and windy BUT Spring is here. Do have to start some herbs from seed before it's to late. Enjoy the season !

Victoria Williams said...

Hi Rosemary! Nice to see you're still around! Hope spring hits you soon! I planted a few primroses a couple weeks ago - really nice to have a little color around with your pansies, isn't it?