Monday, 9 September 2013

Where Lighthouses go to Die! Garden

This post  might be considered  a rant so warning  if  you don't want to read a  rant,
 Stop now!
I start by saying that tho we own our house and property we live in an adult lifestyle community and one of the many   bylaws we  abide by,  we can't  have  fences.
 We also live on  a loop so  8 houses  have an open  backyard area.
Over the past 3 to 4 years 7  neighbours have planted gardens , trees and shrubs making a lovely   green space enhance the view all  see .
 I  should also say ....We also live in a small village with Port   the first part of the name....... 
This is my view of the neighbours garden ( using  that word very carefully) directly behind us.
 I have named it  the Garden Where Lighthouses go to Die!.
 A very  interesting garden,  very much  to a specific taste.
Yes , it is  right off my dining room and living room windows ..
Think there should have been a bylaw regarding too much lawn "art".
Last lighthouse to take up residence is  the largest 5 feet tall   set on  adobe tile set in a gravel bed made in a   grave shape, (not kidding  6 x4 feet ) tastefully edged with cement  scallops .Note the decorative ship wheel! An anchor and  ship complete this vignette  The neighbours take great care  to  plant the lighthouses carefully in   stone  gardens  with  edging.  A crane    pecking at the tall grass in main  center   bed...artfully  roped in ....  along with  seagulls, a turtle, pelican and   what looks like a  black  chicken  in another  bed.
Another flourish,   a butterfly on one end of deck , on the other end   an owl to keep away those pesky birds  the other neighbours try  to encourage  with birdfeeders.
 Can you find all 8 lighthouses?

Pilings and posts and ropes, Oh My! 
My neighbours comment when she saw me gardening and planting trees and shrubs  the first year was" I am not a gardener." If only I had known what  that meant..
One of the first  rules of  gardening  I learned  is not to have too much lawn "art".
Why oh why did  I not share  some of my gardening tips with her....
 This where  lighthouses go to die  garden is only  3 years old,  wonder what will happen over the next  3 years......
 I thought I was done planting after 5 trees, 9 shrubs ,many   grasses, roses, day lilies,hostas,  spring bulbs, etc in my tiny back yard....
 I now   see even   more planting   in my future.....wonder what will grow fast and tall  on the edge of garden to  obscure  the  view of the Garden  where  Lighthouses go to die!....


Rosanne said...


The Furry Gnome said...

It's like living by the sea!

Barbara F. said...

Rosemary, they must love the beach, even planted those beachy grasses! Maybe they used to live by the sea and now miss it!! Also, if you have a chance, please stop by and read my latest post, you're in it! xo

Donna Heber said...

Hi Rosemary,

I have to agree with you in that lawn art can be over done. Bylaws are set for a reason and I'm surprised no one has said anything. I suppose if you live by the beach this would be a nice scene.

Teresa said...

Oh my! If at least they were all to the same scale. Well it could always be worse. We have a neighbor that is a contractor and even the decks of their 6000 square foot home have stacks of miscellaneous building materials. Luckily a fence hides most of their clutter.

Kim and Victoria said...

I think it's a case of "good fences make good neighbors???"