Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A very BUSY 2 weeks!

Vacation one might think; but no,   some very  special occasions have kept me  busy!.
Red Hats   day out at Golden Leaf winery.....beautiful  summer day for  patio dining.
my glass of rose

Filled with good food and music.
folk music  concert finished the   luncheon.

MURDER MYSTERY  at Backus Pioneer Village.
Mystery  based  on the war of 1812.
A  fun Saturday  spent  play acting I was  a Mother of   2 daughters and a son....
Getting instructions at Culver's Inn, see the little  girl Erin dressed in her outfit  with cute!.
Town meeting at the barn
Mayor calling everyone  to  defend the Backus mill from invading  American army. The murderer turned out to be    a person done wrong in a  business transaction over  fur trading.
Good turn out with about 50 of the public watching the playacting.
Sunday   afternoon celebrated my daughter Rosanne's milestone birthday with a garden tea  party..
Thank goodness the weather cooperated.It was another gorgeous sunny and warm summer afternoon!
Rosanne   wanted a celebration  of this big  birthday with  girl friends  ,  she did much  of the decor and food   items herself....
 Rosanne ,opening gifts.Pre party!
Food at the ready;
 Fancy sandwiches!Wouldn't be a tea party without  pinwheel and cucumber sandwiches.
  So happy with the way these turned out been many years since I made this type of sandwich.

Flower cupcakes
Several sangrias to taste,  and so many  more treats to be had  !
Enjoying the warm  sunny afternoon with a chat.
Color theme,   blue and yellow  patio lanterns sprinkled thru the garden and trees, also banners made with doilies..hung  from arbour....
 See the bright sunshine! 
Rosanne  and friend..........Laughing!
The lone male Rosanne's husband Steve enjoying more conversations with Rosanne's old school chums .
Sherry eating a blue and yellow  cake pop! Brianne,  wonder what she was thinking? perhaps she was wanting that  pop!
Seems like time is flying by  so fast ;  
 even seeing signs of Autumn appearing in my  garden....
Southern Hibiscus , Black eyed Susan  and purple Buddleia , sure signs of  the   change of seasons soon to come..
The older I get the more time flies!

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Lots of fun events!