Friday, 5 July 2013

Balsam Trail Garage Party- Fish Fry! Party!

Neighbours Jackie and Bryan  hosted a  fish fry last night......  Fish fresh caught from Lake Erie.....Perch.
So good...... Men hunkered down in the garage...Several of the men love to fish  and caught our dinner....

Bryan has the most immaculate garage  I have ever seen!

Ladies enjoyed the warm summer evening on Jackie's shady patio. The green wall is Virginia Creeper  adding a cooling   and private touch to this  garden..

Shady , cool spot !

Lots of  beverages kept us chilled  on this hot   summer day.
My glass  is the blue one filled with Wine Spritzer and lemon!
Beside the  BBQ'ed fish everyone brought  yummy dishes.salads , desserts ....did I get a picture?  Forgot   perhaps too much vino!


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Rosanne said...

looks fun! That is one clean garage!