Saturday, 29 June 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Isn't it the way ,   quiet times not much doing then a  couple of days of  very busy...
This week was  a doozy.
From the first couple of days volunteering at the Backus Conservation Area Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday take car in for oil change and while in Simcoe  doing some shopping
to Thursday,  a Red Hats  outing that I helped organise;  a home style  luncheon at  The Windmill Country Restaurant in  a very  pretty  village of Mt. Pleasant .

 then in the afternoon off to  the quaint  tiny village of Teeterville  to visit a pioneer  village.
only 4 building , little church, log cabin, log smoke house and drive barn

Back home by 3 pm. then a drive up to Kitchener to see my  youngest granddaughter graduate from Secondary School in the evening  . This event was held in the Circle of the Square concert hall..very elegant .

Brittany  looked  so grown up in her cap and gown....

Wonder what Brittany was thinking as she walked across the stage?
Proud Mom. Dad and sister looking on.
Friday was a road trip
Keying in GPS
 organised by daughter Sherry travelling thru  Grey and Bruce counties to a botanical garden.. Brian Folmers garden and nursery near Walkerton...
Met  up in the Shakespearean festival city of Stratford  , then travelled thru   picturesque  farm country , tiny villages with beautiful heritage  homes and  architectural    churches with spires  piercing the grey sky   and even tho it was  occasionally pouring rain , it was a  fun  drive. Passing  thru  new to us places.......
On arrival to the garden we   were  given a  2 hour tour with  the owner .

Entry gates to Brian Folmer Botanical Garden
Rosanne , garbed for  the rainy weather

Sherry and  her golf umbrella

Brian pointed out many unique  features of this delightful garden with  gently  curved  beds,
Brian leading the way on a path overshadowing  by a huge smoke bush

filled with perennials , unusual  trees , shrubs never before   seen..
lovely  spots to stop throughout the garden
....  a  huge reed grass ..which looks like bamboo...
This reed grass is already 6 feet high and will grow another 3 feet. Striking!

This   30 acre  garden was  established 18 years ago . 

Who knew there is a perennial snapdragon( so want that plant).

this perennial snapdragon is  about  25 inches tall

bright spots of colour even with the rain.

Frog loved the weather, croaked his pleasure by the lily pond.
Rosanne admiring a  mauvy clematis alpina
Shade garden , hostas and ferns
I would have loved to pause on this  bench.

Stewartia tree in flower.
Stately Maple , can you see the patio table and chairs underneath?

Under this maple a grotto  with ferns , hostas , ajuga  , magnificent .
This is  a  spectacular  garden   and even tho it wasn't the best weather would not have missed it.
Unfortunately because of the rain not the best photos but I had to share this wonderful place.
One of the other features  besides guided garden tours offered  ; a  choice of catered lunch dishes ,  one of which we  enjoyed, a mixed cold plate , drink of green tea and yummy dessert  squares.

Catered by  Harleys Perc and Pub in Mildmay
This lunch was delicious and we  appreciated this  option  considering the distance   we travelled.. 
As busy as this week has been  totally enjoyable...



Anonymous said...

That looks live a wonderful garden to tour. Perhaps you will have some quiet time over the weekend.

Rosanne said...

Lots of fun! And lots of great photos!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Rosemary,

What a great road trip! I enjoyed the Botanical garden tour and that gazebo!