Monday, 29 April 2013

Warmer Weather has finally arrived!

Just at the end of last week the weather turned. Bright sun , blue sky and warm temps.
What is it doing today? Grey , rainy  and cloudy but WARM! the temps are finally normal which for this area is about 17C.
The garden  has  just started to pop with colour,

Anemones  , love the sky blue colour.

Chinese Azalea  shrub is  loaded with flowers..

tissue looking flowers so  delicate

Lots of narcissus  add a  bright  cheery  yellow to the  fresh  spring green nice to see green again ..

Pulmonaria ,  still like the name sailors and ladies  more...

Hyacinths and Scillas   

Spring flowers  are some of the best things in life!


Barbara F. said...

Beautiful! I planted the same anemones and they are popping up, took photos but can't seem to get them uploaded. Google + /Chrome/Blogger all giving me hissy fits! xo

Rosanne said...

They are one of the best things!

Jennifer said...

This weather has been wonderful hasn't it; Not too humid, just pleasantly sunny. The bugs haven't gotten wind of the temperature change and so no mosquito bites either. Your garden is looking great Rosemary. Love the pretty pink Chinese Azalea especially.

Kim and Victoria said...

You're so right, spring flowers, there's nothing quite like them. Our garden is finally looking like a real garden, AND Kim seems to have outsmarted Ginger. Our garden should be able to grow without being dug up by a hen all summer.

Donna Heber said...

Your spring blooms are gorgeous! So many wonderful shades of purple.