Sunday, 21 April 2013

Life, Appreciation and Humour.

As a  retiree one would think life  would become quiet, less busy, slow down...
 Not so!
Over the winter my 85 year old  Mother  suffered a severe health issue, complicated by dementia . She remains in hospital waiting a long term care    home bed.Unfortunately  she can never go home again....... Lots to do; dealing with  cleaning out her home, selling it and making choices for what  nursing homes  my sister and I would like  Mom to go to. Banking, lawyers etc.
 Thank goodness,  there were 2 of us to share the  responsibilities.
With the arrival  of spring my "job" restarted, last year I started to  volunteer at a Pioneer  Heritage Village.   Working with school children   Grades 3, 7 and  kindergartners  teaching  them the  hard life of  1850 pioneers . Who knew I  could teach tinsmithing, bannock baking  and  weaving.
Putting my love of history to good use.
This week  I was  fortunate  to attend a volunteer appreciation event in Simcoe at the fairgrounds in the Junior Farmers building.

Who doesn't  like  a luncheon one doesn't have to cook which included  a side of appreciation.
There were over 200  volunteers from many agencies.  Norfolk General Hospital, Sprucedale, United Way to name a few.Our group "Friends of Backus"  from Long Point Region Conservation Authority numbered 10.

Lunch was  made by a local restaurant , trays of Chinese food. So yummy .
Theme this year "Volunteers Cast A Beautiful Shadow"

The  2 cakes  were made by the   youths of  Sprucedale correctional facility . My daughter Sherry would have loved the icing ;  thick , rich and very sweet!

Norfolk County  mayor Dennis Travale was one of the several  speakers  to  say thanks for all the hard work  volunteers do.

The highlight of the appreciation event was the main speaker, Evelyn Wood, from Rockton area.
She spoke of  seeing  humour  in one's life ,relating stories from her own life; she  had the crowd  holding their  sides with laughter..Wonderful positive  speaker.
A quote I liked in particular.
"Try as much as possible to be wholly alive, with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell and when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. We are not getting out of this world alive.
Evelyn is a volunteer herself  , The Rockton World's Fair a pet  project.

Volunteering brings me a  sense of satisfaction, no  appreciation lunch was necessary.
Yet ,it was  a wonderful way to spend an afternoon(even tho  the house  and garden both need spring cleaning ).
I came   away  with  a sense of appreciation for  life , even with all its  trials and tribulations; and even more so,  an appreciation of humour lightening   the darkest  of days.

Perhaps that is the point.


Kim and Victoria said...

Nice post. I think you deserved the lunch! Good job.

Rosanne said...

Sounds like it was a very nice luncheon! So nice to be appreciated and come away with a new sense of appreciation for life at the same time.

Barbara F. said...

I sympathize with you as you are caring for your mom, I went through the same thing in 1997, I am an only child, it was so overwhelming for me, I almost lost my home in the bargain, thank God it worked out and in 1992, mom went to be with the Lord. It is nice to be appreciated, luncheon sounds like fun.

On another note, your butterfly place cards so touched me, I ordered from Stampin' Up a fancy schmanzy machine and the dies and card stock. I have NO CLUE what to do with any of it lol but the rep from the co. said she would get me instructions. xo

Donna Heber said...


It is so good that you stay active and assist children with learning about the pioneer life. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. We have had to deal with dementia several time with my husband's family. I'm glad you have your sister to help you through the process.

Jennifer said...

I am sorry to hear about your Mom. My parents-in-law are in the same boat. My father-in-law can no longer manage to care for his wife and they are in the process of packing house and moving. So much to do and hubby and I can't be there to help (Nova Scotia). We feel very guilty.
Volunteering and working with kids is a great way to stay young. Sounds like the luncheon was great fun!