Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter Egg Hunt and Ribbon Salad

Saturday, daughter Sherry hosted an Easter Egg Hunt .....

It was a bright sunny warm early spring day.

With maple syrup pails in hand  the search was on.
eggs were in bushes.........

some eggs were easy to find...some...........

eggs where hidden even on the  front gate wreath
for 214  eggs hidden throughout the woods.........

some how we even ended up with a tin man.

Yes, there was   remnants of snow banks.

So warm was the sun, we managed to  do some porch sitting soaking up the sunshine..

t shirt weather

 There were some  very pretty  Easter vignettes,
Lots of  homemade treats,
Sherry made these  Easter egg cookies and marshmallow  egg shape  treats, they were yummy!
Beautifully  set table  ,  love the   flower teacups.
sipping drinks !

Such a lovely touch to the table
lots of treats to take home
 Great  good food, drinks, Brittany made coloured devilled eggs..

these did not last long as you can see
Made a ribbon salad  to go with the  ham and all the other delicious dishes........
 Forgot to take a  picture of the dish of salad.......but I wanted to post about this light and flavourful salad......
The  salad and salad dressing recipe  is from Chef Michael Smith........ The link takes you to the recipe .

 Ribbons of carrot and cucumber (used English cucumbers) coins of radish and strips of red onion.
Ribbons were made using  potato peeler running down the  length of the veggie.
The ginger apple cider dressing was  perfect.Very tangy!

A wonderful fun Easter Egg Hunt and  dinner!


Rosanne said...

It was a fun day!

You got some terrific shots!

Barbara F. said...

Rosemary, your Easter celebration looks beautiful, love all the goodies, and it sure looks like everyone had a great time. xo

Donna Heber said...

Hi Rosemary,

Wow, it looks like a real Easter party at your home. If I had that many eggs to hide I would forget where I put them ... lol.