Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bulgar Salad

This salad has come to be a favourite...  Toasted Bulgar, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, green onion and lots of parsley......
My  cherry tomato plant  had an abundance of  fruit . I looked for a  recipe to use up these bright  veggies/fruit.
I found the recipe at Kalyn's kitchen , made originally by Joanne Weir . It is quick and easy to make ,
The only  change in the recipe I did not use mint only parsley... the lemon vinaigrette adds  a brightness to the  salad...The blend of flavours  is   so good.. I used  English cucumbers  , the burp less kind.
Made it for a potluck  ,  the salad  disappeared in no time. Everyone loved it.
It can sit a room temperature for the pot luck with out a worry of spoiling.
It keeps well in the fridge  for several days...flavours blending even more.

The bonus is how healthy it is........  besides  being so tasty.


Bonnie said...

I love bulgar salad but never thought about toasting it first. I'll have to give that a try,

Kim and Victoria said...

Another great sounding recipe I'm going to steal from you! Thanks.