Thursday, 20 September 2012

Happy 21st Birthday !

Today Grand daughter Brianne is  celebrating a  milestone birthday. 21!
Proud to say she is a lovely  young woman.

The family  celebrated at Elmhurst on Sunday with a  fantastic brunch , Brianne's favourite mealtime..

Lovely Victorian  Home
We dined in a private room which made it easier for the present opening and laughs that came with that...

 Brianne  searching thru her Aunt Sherry's gift of a wire basket filled with candy to find   the one special  item.
found a charm for her Pandora  bracelet
The biggest smile came from opening the  gift her Mom made of  dollars  and dollars  strung and folded together in a  box so fed out in a long string..
 I wrapped  21   blue themed  gifts  in a blue bag,blue being Brianne's favourite colour.
  20 fun gifts , 1 good one; blue pearl Pandora  charm!.   Blue candle holder , blue  martini glass, blue sleep mask, blue bath mitt , just some of the items I found ...........Thank goodness for  Dollarama!

21  blue themed  gifts in one large blue bag with blue tissue paper

Fun  day!


Rosanne said...

great pictures, it was fun!

Barbara F. said...

Happy birthday to Brianne. Great gift ideas, Rosemary. This is not the granddaughter that we met on the blog last summer? xo

Rosemary said...

Hi Barbara Brianne is my eldest granddaughter , Brittany is my youngest that I had at the beach last summer.

pinkglitterfae said...

Happy Birthday to Brianne!looks like she had a wonderful time with family, and fun gifts!

happy fall to you!