Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bloomin Tuesday-Fall Has Arrived

Autumn has  arrived on Saturday morning  after our very hot dry summer.
I welcome  the sunny  cool , crisp days with the bright blue skies.  The heat this summer was too much for me...........
This area has also  had some good rains  over the past few weeks. 
Toadstools  are appearing in the grass that is finally green again after many weeks of brown.

 White Mums and Pink   Hydrangea are   a compliment to each other.

bright burgundy  coleus in  corner, sage  plant hiding beside too

Butterflies are    still  finding food on the buddleia...

bright blue sky and warm sun,   weather the butterflies love
 The  buds of the Stella D'oro  daylily have opened with the promise of more blooms to come.
Love the bright yellow colour.
 This is some of the bright spots in my garden this week.


Muffy's Marks said...

Lucky you, you still have flowers!! Mine are all frozen off cut down and on the mulch pile. Fall is in full bloom!!

Rosanne said...

The garden blooms still look good!

Donna Heber said...


It is nice to see your toadstools. It was so dry this year we never had any. Fantastic pics of those butterflies! They sure do love Buddleia. Hope you are having a great week.