Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hot and Dry!

Gardening in this area is certainly a challenge this summer. Hot and dry!  as is most of the country.
Watering doesn't really help . Keeps plants alive but not  thriving...
Sedums are starting to colour already.
cute ladybug hiding in the   florets
Hydrangea is also starting to bloom.
love the soft pink colour looks so fresh!
Find I am watering containers twice a day   otherwise they wilt with dryness.
terra cotta coloured coleus puts on a great  show  especially against the beige siding
The contrast of this yellow daylily against the   red leafed  japanese  maple is a look  I find  so attractive..
even the daylilies are suffering .
Rain keeps missing us. Thunderstorms are forecast for later today , certainly hope they come true, tho not as bad as the midwest....
Joining Bloomin Tuesday at Jean's! want to see how others are coping with this dryness and heat.


Rosanne said...

Things look good despite the dryness.

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful flowers, fantastic colours. I am greeting.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Rosemary,

Your flowers are beautiful despite the hot and dry conditions. I don't think people realize all the work that goes into gardening. We are suppose to hit 90 today so lots of watering when I get home from work.

Jennifer said...

Hi Rosemary, Gosh, I hope we get some rain soon! The garden would be on life support if it was not for the fact that I have been watering it. The heat has been something else too. Your blooms are looking good though. Have a great weekend!

Kim and Victoria said...

Hoping you get some rain soon. Lovely combo, that yellow daylily and red Japanese maple!

Karen said...

Hi Rosemary, isn't this weather something else? I didn't order it, that's for sure. We keep seeing the rain come and then scamper off around us which is very annoying.

I love your flowers, the ones in the pot are just beautiful. And the Japanese maple/daylily combo is stunning.

Let's hope for nice gentle rain showers and moderate temperatures!

Deb said...

Enjoyed your post Rosemary. Your flowers are very pretty. We're on the road traveling....and drove in rain all day long! I'm not sure when we had a real rainy day in our area! I wished i could send the rain back home.