Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"Bloomin Tuesday" June 12th

One of the nicest surprises in my garden this year  has been a volunteer.
Last  season I  grew some lovely sweet peas  , this spring after a very mild winter this  sweet pea  reseeded itself..... 

love the speckling

Culbertson variety
What a bonus!
Lady's Mantle is now out if full bloom.

love the chartreuse colour

One problem   some" thing or one"  likes the  portulaca in my pot. See the evidence of  the  nipping  off of some  the plant.... just the portulaca ! Earlier in the spring  I  saw a robin picking at the portulaca before I planted it.....

I was wondering why the pot wasn't filling out as much as I like.!
 Also have a  baby bunny in the  garden  so I wonder is it a Bunny or  a Robin?

time to clip them off but  they are almost too pretty
Some lovely sage blossoms are adding a pretty blue to the garden.
Joining   Jean and everyone at Bloomin Tuesday!


Darla said...

Nice blooms...I bet you have a caterpillar/worm of some sort that has been snacking on your plant and the birdie was snacking on the worm. :)

daisy said...

Visiting from Bloomin' Tuesday. Love those purple blooms! Maybe if you cut them back, they'll come back even more profusely!

Rosanne said...

Love your volunteer!

Jean said...

Your header is amazing, Rosemary! I love the shots of the sweetpea with the shadowa behind it! Perfect shot!

Kim and Victoria said...

Lucky you with the pretty returning sweet peas! That container with the portulaca still looks good to me.

Jennifer said...

Hi Rosemary, Last year a bunny got all my sweet peas. it was a huge disappointment, because I love the fragrance. Fingers crossed I get a few blooms as lovely as your pink one. The sage is also very pretty. Hope you figure out who is eating your annuals. Have a great weekend!