Sunday, 4 March 2012

What intrigues me......

I  take a lot of pictures of bends in the road........
Blogging  has made me realize   I  find intriguing  winding roads, paths leading where?  waterways , history, nature and  what is out there?..
Yulee Highway
This road  is Yulee Highway in Old Homosassa leading me  to see a Sugar Mill Ruin from the 1800's......

Oldest Standing Historic structure in Citrus County
Homosassa means place of many pepper plants so called by the Native Americans . It is a small picturseque fishing village on the gulf .......with a most amazing   state park.....

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park.
Seems I am always wondering what is around that corner....... even on the water .
Boat ride on the Pepper River , taking  visitors from  entrance to  wildlife exhibits.

Pepper River

Spooky moss
Natures beauty....

Mute swans


 Paths leading somewhere?

Wondering where that walkway leads

Bye for now!



I love the spooky moss tree, it looks majestic.

Rosanne said...

wonderful photos, love the branches hanging over the road and the moss too!

Rita said...

Really enjoyed my journey with your great photos; I find blogging makes us discover things we used to ignore.