Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rainy day in Florida

Rainy, foggy and grey day.
What does one do when the Florida sun disappears?

Go to the movies.
Fortunate that there are 2 local multiplexes close features first run movies only,(Safe House  on my to do list , love Denzel Washington)
the other showcases second run movies that have been out for a while.
I have been wanting to see The Artist

 because of all the buzz at the Golden Globes and the nomination for an Oscar....
It is still playing at the  second run theater.
Amazing price of admission only $4 , a real bargain.
This silent black and white movie keep me spellbound for 2 hours...Who would have thought..
Certainly see why it was nominated.. Loved some of the "cameo" appearances from James Cromwell to John Goodman.

With a cute canine by the name of Uggy how could this movie miss? Personality plus....
For me one of the best scenes was part of the finale, a tap dancing number, shades of my youth taking tap lessons.
Still remember shuffle ball step!
One nice thing about Florida by the time the movie was over out I stepped into bright blue skies , warm temps of 80.
Hurried back to my perch on the tree top house deck watching the tide roll away.... ..


Rosanne said...

Going to see it this afternoon!

Rita said...

Perfect way to spend a rainy day!


I'm soooo missing the sunshine. Bring on spring already.