Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Cards

Wanted to share  several of the Christmas cards I have received from   friends  in my card making class.
They are  each unique ,
 one  is  simple yet  traditional;
Simple but classic with   embossing Swiss dots and  embossed  Xmas trees on red band. 
 one elegant;  Black tie look,
Black and white with a touch of  sparkling snow

and  one that    is amazing in details.... love the  velvet poinsettia;
The saying is embossed in gold and  sparkle in red and gold dot the  wreath..
 Thanks Sandie, Louise and  Cathy    lovely cards!


Rosanne said...

Lovely cards!

Barbara F. said...

These cards are so lovely. I think this is a nice hobby. I love the poinsettia card in the last photo. xo

pinkglitterfae said...

they are lovely! and even more so because they are hand made :-)
Merry Christmas to you!